Consider Francis Obi As Husband And Father

consider francis obi as husband and father

Here Is The Answer To Waec Gce Literature 2023 Question 2: Consider Francis Obi As Husband And Father.

Consider Francis Obi As Husband And Fatherer

Francis is a married man and a father of four children. They are Titi, a girl, Vicky, a boy, Bubu, another boy, and Dada, a girl. By the end of the novel, he is on his way to becoming a father of five as Adah is carrying her fifth pregnancy at this time.

He first appears in the narrative at the time Adah is desperately looking for a way to become more independent of her own family. She wants to live on her own so she can pursue her dreams without being tied down by a marriage to an “old baldie”.

But, since as a teenager she is not allowed to live entirely on her own, she must get someone of her own choice to marry. Francis becomes the convenient choice.

To Adah at this stage, marriage to Francis is nothing more than a tool she must use to achieve her educational, career and United Kingdom dreams.

Similarly, Francis and his parents, on their part, see Adah, an educated girl with a bright future in front of her as an opportunity to better their financial circumstances. For both bride and groom, therefore, this is simply a marriage of convenience – at least at the beginning.

consider francis obi as husband and father


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