Comment on the role of joseph in the novel

Comment on the role of joseph in the novel

Comment on the role of joseph in the novel: (8). Joseph, a servant at Wuthering Heights, plays a crucial role in the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. He personifies the strict religious beliefs and conservative values of the time, acting as a constant reminder of the oppressive natureof the society in which the characters live. Joseph, with his strong religious convictions and his disdain for anything that goes against his beliefs, serves as a foil to the other characters and their more impulsive, passionate natures.


Joseph is portrayed as a harsh and unforgiving figure, often delivering his judgments and opinions with fervor. He constantly berates and condemns the characters for their supposed sins, especially regarding their relationships and actions. His religious fanaticism and rigidity create a tense and judgmental atmosphere within the novel.


Joseph’s presence adds to the overall gothic atmosphere of the story. His stern demeanor, combined with his enigmatic and cryptic manner of speaking, enhances the sense of mystery and tension that permeates Wuthering Heights. He becomes a symbol of the bleak and gloomy aura that shadows the characters and their lives, reflecting the dark and turbulent nature of their relationships.


Joseph also serves as a link to the past and the old ways of life. As a servant, he represents the traditional and hierarchical structure of society that is prevalent during the time in which the novel is set. His adherence to strict religious principles and his reverence for authority reflect the conservative values of the era, contrasting with the more rebellious and passionate actions of characters like Heathcliff and Catherine.


In this way, Joseph’s role in the novel can be seen as a critique of the oppressive and restrictive nature of the society in which the characters live. Through his character, Brontë highlights the detrimental effects of rigid religious beliefs and social norms on the individual’s freedom and happiness.


Joseph’s presence and portrayal in Wuthering Heights serve to emphasize the themes of religious hypocrisy and societal rigidity. He represents the oppressive forces that the characters must contend with, and his role adds depth and complexity to the novel’s exploration of passion, love, and societal constraints.

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