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Cheat.db ppsspp— Instructions on how to enable cheat

Cheat.db ppsspp — Instructions on how to enable cheat

You might be wondering how to enable the cheat.db file in your ppsspp emulator. It’s actually quite simple, and we’ll show you how to do it right now.

Playing games may be more aggravating and frustrating than you might think, especially if you get stuck in a level and have to replay it over and over again because you don’t have the correct weapon, aren’t doing the proper thing, or the level is just too difficult. At that point, you’ll wish you had a cheat to help you get through the level.

So, we’ve chosen to present you that cheat so you can effortlessly pass every level. All you have to do now is follow along to learn how to use the cheat and have a good time playing. cheat.db for Ppsspp.



It’s really simple; simply follow the procedures outlined below to complete the task!

1.First, install the ppsspp emulator (if you haven’t already), then download and extract the ppsspp cheat.db to a folder using zarchiver.

2.Open the ppsspp and select a game to play.
To enter the ppsspp game menu, touch the back button of your device immediately after loading a game.

3.Now select the system tab from the game settings menu.

4.Now find the cheat option and turn it on.

5.Now go to PSP>CHEAT and find the cheat.db file you extracted and move or cut it there.

6.Relaunch the ppsspp software, load a game, hit the back key, and a cheat option will appear in the menu.

7.Click on the cheat and choose Import from Cheat.db from the drop-down menu.

8.Return to the game and re-enter the cheat menu; you should now see all of the possible cheats for your game.

9.If you can’t find any cheats, restart the ppsspp, but if you still can’t discover any, it means that the game’s cheats aren’t present in the database.
You now know how to use a cheat.db file in ppsspp.


Below is a link to a free download of the ppsspp cheat.db.


Cheat.db alt link

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Please let us know if you have any problems or complaints in the comments area below. Thank you for your consideration.

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