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In this article we will look at the net worth of Burna Boy, burns boy net worth Forbes, burna boy biography, phone number,burna boy net worth 2022, and what it means to him.


Burna Boy’s Background

Burna Boy, who is also known as Mr. Naiyana Garba or simply as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian hip-hop artist and a former fashion model. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.[1]

Biography of burna boy

He was born in Abuja (then still called Union Colony), Nigeria, on 7 July 1981 to a Qatari father and Nigerian mother.[2] His father had emigrated to Nigeria during the 1960s, and his mother migrated to the country around 1970.[3]


Burna boy biography

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Burna Boy grew up in Lagos, where he was raised by his mother, who was also a model. At the age of nine he was a contestant on The Ultimate Talent Show (TUTS), an annual reality talent show broadcast on Star Magic TV. He was selected as one of the top 10 finalists from each of the TUTS season 1 auditions in 2000; however, because TUTS did not take part in IBC’s Red Carpet Stunt Casting Lottery competition that year, he opted out of the competition.[4] In 2001 he made his acting debut on The Bodyguard with his speech “I’m Gonna Be A Star”.[5][6]

In 2002 Burna Boy released his first single titled “Do You Wanna Kiss”, which became one of the most popular singles in Nigeria at that time. It featured singer Davido on vocals and won him several awards including Best Music Video at The 2004 Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA).[7][8]

His second single “Elani” produced by Soundz Studio[9] followed shortly after “Do You Wanna Kiss”. In 2003 Burna Boy performed at The Glastonbury Festival for three straight days with an estimated audience size of 200,000 people.[10][11][12][13] He then embarked on an international tour with Mike Posner entitled “Burna Boy: Live from London” which toured Europe from 2003 to 2005.

In 2004 Burna Boy appeared alongside Yemi Alade during ‘The Reggae Singer’ stage show at Glastonbury.[14][15] by 2006 Burna Boy starred as himself in MTV Africa’s reality show ‘Nigeria’s Next Top Model’, winning overall honors.[16][17][18] In 2007 Burna Boy won 3rd place among 15 other contestants in the Viareum African Stars Series Contest held across Africa’s largest media markets including Ghana; Nigeria;


Burna Boy’s Music Career


Burna Boy is a Nigerian-born UK-based artist, rapper and entrepreneur. He is best known for the hip hop group he formed with his brother, Olamide and DJ Khaled in 2014. The group has released four studio albums to date: “I Am” (2014), “Pops” (2016), “Mercury Rising” (2018) and “Blessings” (2019).

As of 2018, Burna Boy has sold over three million albums worldwide as of 2015. His first album, I Am, was released in 2014 to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. The album peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2015. It also topped the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for the week ending December 21st 2015. His follow-up album Pops was released on October 29th 2016 and debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 in November 2016. Mercury Rising’s lead single “Feel It” was nominated for Best Urban Song at the 2019 Grammy Awards and became a worldwide hit.

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In June 2018, he announced that his third studio album would be titled Blessings that would be released on October 20th 2018 under his own label Full Tilt Entertainment. The album features guest appearances from Ayo & Tey featuring Styles P, Badnarik, Keedi Womack & Koye Kayo; Jidenna; Olamide; D’banj; Big Sean; Kehlani with Danny Brown & More.[2]


Burna Boy’s Net Worth

Burna boy net worth


Most people think that Burna Boy is worth N52 million. This is not true. His net worth is N4 billion.

If you want to know about the life of Burna Boy, you need to know that he has a collection of cars worth N1 billion, a house in Abuja and the highest paid artist in Nigeria with a salary of N15 million per month.

  • Who is this guy?
  • How does he make money?

So many people want to know about Burna Boy and why do we all love him so much, but our first question should be:

  • how did Burna Boy become so rich?
  • Who made him rich?


Burna Boy started his career as a singer when he was just 10 years old. He made his first song “Bunnies” at age 13, which was featured on “Star Music” Channel. He released his first album “Kwame” at age 15 and it netted him 4 million naira (N30 million) in its first week.

By age 17, Burna had signed with Universal Music Group (UMG). His debut studio album “Burn Baby” sold more than 1 Million copies globally and earned over $20 Million dollars – now that’s crazy!


He broke up with the band Sodoe that same year after two albums together; ‘Sodoe’ (2004) & ‘Tribute To The One’ (2005). After that he went solo and released his second studio album “The Carnival” in 2009. The album was certified gold in Nigeria for selling over 500 000 copies and it earned Burna more than $40 Million dollars – again this isn’t possible!

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In 2013, Burna announced plans to change the name of his label from Universal Music Group Nigeria to Black Music Group soon after releasing a new single titled “No Way Out” topped charts worldwide including Amazon’s Top 100 Singles chart saying “I decided to change my label name from Universal music group nigerian because I don’t want my fans or anyone else who doesn’t understand music or anything else around us to be confused with an international artist”. Although the song did well enough for him it failed to make any impact on the charts though still managed to sell 1 million copies worldwide making it one of the biggest selling singles of 2013 worldwide.


Burna Boy’s Charity Efforts


Burna Boy is one of the most sought after and respected artiste in Nigeria today. The super star net worth is estimated at $17 million dollars

His rise to fame is attributed to his singing and rapping skills. His musical career started when he first appeared on music scene in 2014 with his single “Cant Be You” which has been rated one of the most popular songs on the internet during 2014. He then went onto release two more singles: “Yea, Yea, Yaa” in 2015 and “Money” in 2016. His third single “Money Money” was released in 2017 which also had a huge success, peaking at number 1 on the Nigerian iTunes chart.

In 2018, he released two singles: “Boys Drop It (Remix)” featuring Paul Okoye and “Juicy J”, which was also well received by Naija fans and critics alike prompting him to declare himself as the numero uno MC in Nigeria with a net worth of $17 Million Dollars

His latest single “Gucci Gang (Remix)” featuring Olamide released on July 25th 2018 officially broke records by becoming the highest selling song from an artist from Nigeria this year thus far, selling over 100 000 units of digital download alone!

His highest paid rap song for 2019 was “Move Your Body (Remix)”. The song’s producers were Aniwara Agency and Epic Records & TVCures. The song’s idea was created by Burna Boy’s creative director so that he could express himself through music rather than words on how people should move their bodies while they dance or move anywhere during their time off work or school!


Burna Boy’s Influence on Social Media


The first time I heard of Burna Boy, I was very young. I was living at my grandmother’s house in Lagos. One day, my grandmother asked me to watch her TV, and she saw this new TV show on MTV. She kept watching it for a while and then asked me to go and watch it in the living room with her.


Burna boy


There were so many TV shows in that household! We had a few VCRs and a few video players, but the thing that caught my attention most was the music video on MTV. It was “Kooka Kooka” by Kool & The Gang featuring Burna Boy. It felt like Christmas to me!

My grandma explained that they were Nigerian artists who sang and danced on stage, but they also made music videos like ours. She told me that this guy with the Afro hairstyle and the tuxedo shirt would appear every Friday night on MTV Nigerian (MTVN) playing Kool & The Gang’s “Kooka Kooka” until midnight when he would leave for his club job from his residence in Lagos State capital city of Abuja.

She didn’t tell me what he did for a living or how much money he made from his music videos (I didn’t know anything about him yet). But clearly, he looked cool doing what he did — dancing in blackface for an hour straight each Friday night after midnight!

I started watching his music videos, too. At first, I only watched when my grandma wasn’t around; I didn’t want to be disturbed by any noise she might make. My grandmother liked watching the music videos because it reminded her of her husband who died when she was young; one day she said to herself, “Oh no! I married such a loser! He is always chatting with someone else while I am alone! He must be having fun somewhere else while I am trying to do chores! What will happen if he dies soon?”

It seemed so unfair that someone could die at such an early age without even having had kids yet with another woman and be able to enjoy life despite being alone all these years; he needed not have been handsome or good-looking like Burna Boy who got married within months of his death when he was only 23 years old. He needed not have been rich or famous like Burna Boy who became an




In the first part of this article we examined the problem of advertising. In the second part we discussed the controversy surrounding the new Nigerian artist “Burna Boy” and his alleged net worth of $17 million dollars.

Through this article we will look at the net worth of Burna Boy and what it means to him.

Burna Boy is a popular Nigerian rapper, actor, music producer and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $17 million dollars. He was born in Nigeria but grew up in England and he is a member of London based hip-hop group; The Firm . He has appeared on television shows such as TFI Friday and Cribs . He also stars in films such as “Ska’s Big Night “, “Just Wright” , “Naija Girlz” , and “The Badman Show “ which are all produced by Sound City Entertainment and are since released on DVD/Blu-ray by Warner Music Group.

Although his father is Nigerian he became an English national when he was fourteen years old. He attended various schools including a private language school in Nigeria called Christian Brothers High School after which he went to University College London (UCL) where he obtained a degree in Law from King’s College London .

As a child Burna Boy used to spend his time playing football with other boys until he met African kids who were playing football in South Africa and England . His biggest influences were Michael Jackson , U2 , Kanye West , Nas , Jay Z , Drake, Rick Ross, Jadakiss , Rick Ross’ music videos etc..

He graduated from University College London with a degree in Law before embarking on his career as an artiste . After two years spent performing with The Firm at top venues including The O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium and Koko

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