Biology Specimen for WAEC 2024 and Answer

Biology specimen for WAEC 2023

Are you an examination officer, tutorial master, teacher, or a student in search of the verified Bbiology specimen for waec 2024 and answer? Look no further, as Zamgist has you covered!

On this page, we are delighted to provide you with the complete and verified WAEC Biology specimen for the upcoming 2024 examination.

With our comprehensive collection, you can ensure accurate preparation and excel in your studies.

Biology specimen for WAEC 2024

Below are the complete specimens for waec biology 2024 exam:

SPECIMEN A Gill of fish (freshly procure)
SPECIMEN B Whole liver from a domestic fowl with gall bladder attached, in a Petri dish (freshly procured)
SPECIMEN C Lungs from a domestic fowl on a white tile (freshly procured)
SPECIMEN D Whole gizzard from a domestic fowl, in a Petri dish (freshly procured)
SPECIMEN E Whole intestine from a domestic fowl spread in a tray (freshly procured)
SPECIMEN F Ginger rhizome (fresh)
SPECIMEN G Onion bulb
SPECIMEN H Leaf of Bryophyllum (with adventitious roots)
SPECIMEN J Cassava stem
SPECIMEN K Cassava tuber
SPECIMEN L Thoracic vertebra
SPECIMEN M Humerus bone
SPECIMEN N Mango seed (dry)
SPECIMEN P Femur bone
SPECIMEN Q Lumbar vertebra
SPECIMEN R Orange seeds (dry)

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