Biography Of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu

Biography Of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu

Biography Of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu

Biography Of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu: Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu was born in Suru local government area in Kebbi state in 1962, his life took a turn when his father, Saad Maidaji, passed away when he was just two years old.

Following this tragic loss, Abubakar found a new home in Giro town, under the care of his late father’s elder brother, who embraced the responsibility of raising him as an orphan in 1964.

It was in Giro town that he was enrolled in an Islamic school known as “Tsangayar Liman Abubakar Sabo.”

During his initial three years of study under his first teacher, Abubakar Liman Sabo, his remarkable talents became evident.

Recognizing his potential, Abubakar’s teacher made a pivotal decision to send him to another respected educator named Malam Yakubu Illela, who also resided in Giro.

This move allowed Abubakar to further enhance his educational pursuits.

In 1969, Abubakar Giro Argungu joined the Giro Argungu Primary School, embarking on an eight-year educational journey.

Subsequently, in 1977, he continued his academic endeavors at the Government Teachers College, where he dedicated five more years to his studies.

This marks the unique and inspiring path that shaped Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu’s life and journey toward becoming the remarkable individual he is known as today.

Biography Of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu

Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu wiki

Attribute Information
Full Name Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu
Birthdate 1962
Birthplace Suru local government, Kebbi state
Father’s Name Saad Maidaji (deceased when he was 2)
Guardian Father’s elder brother (from 1964)
Early Education “Tsangayar Liman Abubakar Sabo” Islamic school
Notable Teacher Malam Yakubu Illela
Primary School Giro Argungu Primary School (1969)
Further Education Government Teachers College (1977)
Educational Journey 8 years at Giro Argungu Primary School, 5 years at Government Teachers College
Unique Path Overcoming adversity to pursue education
Death 6th – September – 2023

Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu Death

Abubakar Giro, a well-known Islamic cleric, has passed away. Bala Lau, the leader of Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS) in Nigeria, confirmed the sad news on his verified Facebook page late Wednesday.

“In the end, we all belong to Allah, and we shall all return to Him. Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu has left us.

The respected cleric passed away after a brief illness in Birnin Kebbi. His final resting place will be on Thursday, God willing.

We will provide further details about the burial time soon,” Mr. Lau shared on Facebook.

Hailing from Argungu Local Government in Kebbi state, Sheikh Abubakar Giro was widely known in the Northern Nigerian states where the Hausa language is spoken.

Just last week, he was in Kano, inaugurating a new mosque constructed by philanthropist Abdulkadir Rano in Rano Local Government of Kano.

During the event, he corrected a statement made by one of his colleagues, Sani Ashir, in Kano, who had referred to opposition politicians challenging the election of the Kano governor in court as enemies of the state and prayed for their downfall.

Sheikh Giro, however, expressed that it’s not wrong for politicians to challenge their opponents in court.

In 2021, there were rumors of his demise, but he dispelled them by releasing a video. Unfortunately, his passing has now been confirmed on Wednesday, just over a year and nine months after his colleague in Kano, Ahmad Bamba, also passed away.

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