Bio 102 lecture note pdf Download

Bio 102 lecture note pdf Download

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Bio 102 Lecture Note pdf


BIO 102: General Biology II is a one-semester, 2 credit- hour course in Biology. It is a 100 level, second semester undergraduate course offered to students admitted in the school of science and technology, school of education who are offering Biology or related programmes.

The course guide tells you briefly what the course is all about, what course materials you will be using and how you can work your way through these materials. It gives you some guidance on your Tutor Marked Assignments.

There is/are Self-Assessment Exercise(s) within the body of a unit and/or at the end of each unit. The exercise(s) is/are an overview of the unit to help you assess yourself at the end of every unit.

Bio 102 Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • What You will Learn from this Course
  • Course Aims
  • Course Objectives
  • Working through this Course
  • Course Materials
  • Study Units
  • Textbooks and References
  • Assessment
  • Self Assessment
  • Questions
  • Tutor-Marked Assignment
  • Final Examination and Grading
  • Summary

What You will Learn from this Course

This course contains nineteen (19) units which cover a generalized survey of the plant and animal kingdom based mainly in the study or similarities and differences in the external features, ecological adaptation of plant and animal forms.

Plants and animals consist of different forms: from the simple forms to the complex forms. At the end of this course, you would have acquaint yourself of the different forms of the plant and animal kingdom, especially their external features and ecological adaptation.

Bio 102 Study Units

This course is divided into 4 modules with a total of nineteen units which are divided as follows:

Module 1
Unit 1 Living Organisms
Unit 2 Algae
Unit 3 Bryophytes
Unit 4 Pteridophytes
Unit 5 Seed Plants (Gymnosperms and Angiosperms)

Module 2
Unit 1 Animal Kingdom (Protozoa)
Unit 2 Phylum Porifera
Unit 3 Phylum Coelenterate
Unit 4 Phylum Platyhelminthes
Unit 5 Phylum Aschelminthes

Module 3
Unit 1 Phylum Annelida
Unit 2 Phylum Mollusca
Unit 3 Arthropods
Unit 4 Phylum Echinodermata

Module 4
Unit 1 Vertebrates/Vertebrata (Fishes)
Unit 2 Amphibia
Unit 3 Reptiles
Unit 4 Aves (Birds)
Unit 5 Mammalia

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