Area Of Concentration For Physics NECO 2024


Are you here searching for the area of concentration for physics Neco 2024 and What to read in physics for NECO 2024? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll share with  you the area of concentration for physics NECO 2024 exam based on our long term experience in the NECO examination.

Selecting an area of concentration in physics can differentiate between passing and excelling in the physics exam.

It encourage students to build a deeper comprehension of a particular topic and improve their problem solving skills.

Area Of Concentration For Physics NECO 2024

The National Examination Council (NECO) is an examination body that regulates exams for students in Nigeria.

Although the NECO Physics exam covers a wide range of topics and ideas, some are typically stressed more than others.

Below are some areas of concentration for Physics in the NECO 2024 SSCE examination:

  • Speed and velocity

  • Rectilinear acceleration

  • Mass and weight

  • Fluid at rest

  • Motion

  • Newton’s laws of motion

  • Equilibrium of forces

  • Work, Energy and Power

  • Energy

  • Simple harmonic motion

  • Heat Energy

  • Types of waves

  • Properties of waves

  • Production and propagation of waves

  • Light waves

  • Structure of the atom

  • Structure of the nucleus

  • Wave-particle paradox

  • Description property of fields

  • Gravitational field

  • Electric Field

  • Magnetic field

  • Electromagnetic field

  • Simple a.c. circuits

  • Sound Waves

  • Electromagnetic waves

  • Concepts of matter

  • Scalars and vectors

  • Fundamental and derived quantities and units

  • Time

  • Position, distance, and displacement

The topic listed above are the Area Of Concentration For physics NECO 2024.

What should I read in physics for NECO 2024?

In this section, we’ll discuss and guide you on what to read in physics for you to excel in neco physics 2024 exam.

1. I will advice you to first start with the neco physics syllabus for you to know the topics that you have to cover up and also get experience on the areas that NECO will set their questions.

2. Get the Recommended physics textbook by the national examination council which are:

  • Comprehensive Certificate Physics by P.N. Okeke and B. O. Okonkwo, and
  • New School Physics by M.W. Anyakoha and T.N. Ajaegbu
  • Essential Physics by B. Gascoigne et al.

3. Go through previous NECO physics questions and answers for you to have experience and also get some light on how neco set questions on physics, this will also enable you to know the questions they are repeating every year.

How many questions are to be answered in NECO Physics?

The NECO Physics exam is categorized into three section/parts:

Paper I and II, Where paper I is objectives which contain 60 questions and paper II is made up of 6 to 7 theory questions and then paper III which is practical.

Conclusively, To prepare and excel for the NECO Physics 2024 exam, you should go through the syllabus, NECO physics recommended textbooks, practice past questions and etc.

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