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Area Of Concentration For Mathematics WAEC 2024

Are you here looking for the area of concentration for mathematics waec 2024 and what to read for WAEC Mathematics 2024? Search no more!

On this page, we have provided you with the verified area of concentration for mathematics in the WAEC 2024 based on our research and long-term experience in the WAEC examination.

Choosing an area of concentration in mathematics can be the difference between passing and succeeding in the subject. It allows students to develop a deeper understanding of a particular topic and improve their problem-solving skills.

Area Of Concentration For Mathematics WAEC 2024

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts exams for students in West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and The Gambia.

The Mathematics examination in WAEC covers a wide range of topics and concepts, but some areas are usually emphasized more than others.

Here are some areas of concentration for Mathematics in the WAEC 2024 examination:

  • Sequence and Series

  • Sets

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Positive and negative integers, rational numbers

  • Surds (Radicals)

  • Matrices and Determinants

  • Ratio, Proportions and Rates

  • Percentages

  • Financial Arithmetic

  • Variation

  • Number bases

  • Modular Arithmetic Fractions, Decimals and Approximations

  • Indices

  • Logarithms

  • Solution of Linear Equations

  • Change of Subject of a Formula/Relation

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Graphs of Linear and Quadratic functions.

  • Linear Inequalities

  • Algebraic Fractions

  • Functions and Relations

  • Algebraic expressions

  • Simple operations on algebraic expressions

  • Angles

  • Angles and intercepts on parallel lines.

  • Triangles and Polygons.

  • Circles

  • Construction

  • Loci

  • Lengths and

  • Perimeters

  • Areas

  • Volumes

  • Sine, Cosine and Tangent of an angle.

  • Angles of elevation and depression

  • Bearings

  • Concept of the x-y plane.

  • Coordinates of points on the x-y plane

  • Vectors in a Plane

  • Transformation in the Cartesian Plane

  • Statistics

  • Probability

The above listed topics are the Area Of Concentration For Mathematics WAEC 2024.

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Tips on what should i read for waec mathematics 2024

1. Syllabus: Start by studying the WAEC Mathematics syllabus to understand the topics and concepts that will be covered in the exam. This will guide your study plan and ensure that you cover all the necessary topics.

2. Textbooks: Get a good Mathematics textbook that covers the WAEC Mathematics syllabus. Examples of recommended Mathematics textbooks are:

  • Adelodun A. A (2000) Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) Ado –Ekiti: FNPL.
  • Anyebe, J. A. B (1998) Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher/ institutions, Lagos: Kenny Moore.
  • Channon, J. B. Smith, A. M (2001) New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3, Lagos: Longman.
  • David –Osuagwu, M. et al. (2000) New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.
  • Egbe. E et al. (2000) Further Mathematics, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.
  • Ibude, S. O. et al. (2003) Algebra and Calculus for Schools and Colleges: LINCEL Publishers.
  • Tuttuh – Adegun M. R. et al. (1997), Further Mathematics Project Books 1 to 3, Ibadan: NPS Educational.

Read through the textbook and make sure you understand all the topics and concepts.

3. Past questions: Practice past WAEC Mathematics questions to familiarize yourself with the exam format and the types of questions that will be asked. This will also help you to identify areas where you need to improve.

4. Online resources: There are various online resources available that can aid your preparation for WAEC Mathematics 2023. Examples include video tutorials, study guides, and practice questions.

5. Consult with teachers and peers: Consult with your Mathematics teachers and peers for additional guidance and support.

They may provide you with valuable insights and resources to improve your understanding of the subject.

In summary, to prepare for WAEC Mathematics 2024, you should study the syllabus, use recommended textbooks, practice past questions, utilize online resources, and consult with teachers and peers.