Agric Specimen For WAEC 2024

Agric Specimen For WAEC 2024 Answers

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Students studying agricultural science must become familiar with the specimens they will face during the practical examination as the WAEC (West African Examinations Council) exams for 2024 draw near.

The agricultural science specimen for the WAEC 2024 will be thoroughly addressed in this blog post. Let’s examine each specimen carefully:

Specimens and Labeling Instructions:

(a) The provision of specimens, materials, and equipment for the test is the responsibility of the examination body.

(b)(i) When a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quantity, it should be shared among small groups of candidates.

Agric Specimen For WAEC 2024

Each candidate should be provided with the following specimens, labeled accordingly:

SPECIMEN A Ranging pole
SPECIMEN C Measuring tape
SPECIMEN D Wooden peg
SPECIMEN F Dry clay (Ground)
SPECIMEN G Dry loam (Ground)
SPECIMEN H Maize weevil
SPECIMEN I Bean beetle
SPECIMEN J Grasshopper
SPECIMEN K Cotton stainer
SPECIMEN L Tilapia (whole and fresh)
SPECIMEN N Fish meal

Agric Specimen For WAEC 2024 Answers

Agric Specimen For WAEC 2024

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