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2023 WAEC English Questions And Answers Expo

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Has Scheduled The Waec English 2023 Paper To Kick Of On The 17th May, 2023.

This brings the attention of candidates writing the exam in to searching for Waec English 2023 Questions And Answers, WAEC english Expo 2023, waec english question and answer 2023, 2023 Waec English Questions and Answers and etc.


Waec English 2023 Questions And Answers

In this section, you will read the steps and requirements needed for you to get Waec English 2023 Questions And Answers before exam.

WAEC English Language 2023 Paper is Categorized in to 3 parts:

  • WAEC English Language Essay 2023
  • WAEC English Objective 2023
  • WAEC English Test of Oral 2023

Here on zamgist, we have solved all the questions. That is Waec 2023 English Essay, Objective and Test of Oral 2023.


2023 WAEC English Questions And Answers Expo




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WAEC English Language Answers 2023

No. (1) Answer

As the school sports prefect, I am pleased to present a report on the recent inter-house sports competition held in our school. The competition took place on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2023, and it was an outstanding event filled with excitement and impressive displays of athletic prowess.

The event brought together students from all classes and houses, with each house fielding their best athletes in different sporting disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, track and field events, and many others. The houses that competed were Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Each house had been preparing for the competition for weeks, with training sessions held regularly to ensure that the athletes were in peak physical condition.

The first day of the competition began with a march past, where each house showcased their best drill displays. It was an excellent display of teamwork, coordination, and discipline, with each house putting in their best efforts. After the march past, the competition commenced with the track and field events. The events were keenly contested, with athletes from each house pushing themselves to the limit to win their respective races.

On the second day, the other sporting disciplines took center stage. The basketball, football, and volleyball games were highly competitive, with each house striving to emerge victorious. The spectators were treated to an impressive display of skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship from the competing teams.

In the end, the Yellow House emerged as the overall winners of the competition, closely followed by the Green House, with Red and Blue houses coming third and fourth respectively. It was an intense competition, and every house put up an excellent performance, but the Yellow House displayed exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the event.

Aside from the athletics competition, the event was also an opportunity to foster camaraderie and friendly competition among the students. It provided a platform for students to interact with each other, build new friendships, and learn important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship.

In conclusion, the inter-house sports competition was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, and school management. It was an unforgettable experience that left lasting memories in the minds of everyone who participated or attended the event. As the school sports prefect, I am proud of the efforts put in by every house, and I believe that this event has set the tone for future sporting competitions in our school.



Contentment is the essence of a harmonious life. When we are greedy, we wish to possess more things. In the process of acquiring it, we tend to loose what little we have with us and end up with nothing. When we have a bird at hand, it is better to be happy with it. There is no point in aiming for two birds in the bush which you may not be able to capture.

Once upon a time, there was a hunter who was very fond of hunting birds. He was very skilful in using his bow and arrow. He would often go into the forest and hunt down birds by the dozen and sell them all in the town market for a huge price. One day on one of his hunting expeditions, the hunter found a deer roaming around and wanted to hunt it down since it would fetch him a good price. So he came back the next day and set a trap for the deer. The unsuspecting deer got caught in the trap.

Meanwhile the hunter saw a few birds up in a nearby tree and went about hunting them. The deer knew that it had to do something before the hunter returned. Unfortunately, the hunter was not able to hunt even a single bird that day and was disappointed. He was however elated on seeing the deer caught in the trap and jumped of joy. The deer lay very still and pretended to be dead. The hunter came close to the deer and when it did not move he assumed that it had died. He wanted to carry the deer as soon as possible to the market so that he could sell its meat and make lot of money. He decided to fetch some logs to tie up the deer and carry it home. The deer lay very still waiting for the opportune moment to escape.

The hunter released the trap from the deer’s legs and was beginning to tie the deer on to the logs when he heard a rustling sound. He looked up and found a beautiful bird sitting atop a tree branch. The greedy hunter immediately wanted to shoot the bird down. Thinking that the deer was dead, he quietly stood up and took aim at the bird with his bow and arrow. When the deer realized that the hunter’s concentration was now on the bird, it leapt up and ran away into the forest at full speed. Hearing the noise, the hunter turned around and was shocked to find the deer disappearing into the forest. He blamed himself for his greediness, and realized that truly, “half a loaf is better than none”.

He missed his aim and the bird too flew away when it heard all the commotion. It was then that the hunter realized that his greed had made him lose both the deer and the bird and he had to return empty handed that day. He blamed himself for his greediness and immediately he realized that truly, “half a loaf is better than none”.



– Parents should instill the spirit of hard work in their children

– Parents should instill the spirit of self control in their children

– parents should teach their to be obedient

– Children should be taught the virtue of humility

-Parents should always encourage their children

– Parents should instill the virtue of obedience in their children

Mma Koku left home on a cold windy Monday morning to see how Koku would amount to something in life

Mma Koku was forced with whirlwind on her way to meet the pathfinder

Mma Koku plonked into muddy pothole she hadn’t seen in time

He was the very first person to earn the highest postgraduate degree from the village of koomla

A thread bare sweater over an equally aged wrapper

Widow’s mite

The pathfinder was compassionate

Mma Koku’s expectation concerning her son was to be successful in life

Mma Koku was in her early 70’s


(a) Adverbial clause
(b) It modifies the verb phrase “shall see”

(i) Frail
(ii) Bad
(iii) A duty
(iv) Heavy
(v) Deeply

WAEC English Objective Answers 2023



WAEC Test Of Oral Answers 2023



WAEC English Expo 2023

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2023 WAEC English language Exam Format

The upcoming WAEC English 2023 examination will encompass three distinct papers: Papers 1, 2 (Objectives and Essay), and Paper 3 (Test of Orals).

The examination schedule is as follows: Papers 1 and 2 will be administered from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, while Paper 3 will commence at 2:00 pm and conclude at 2:45 pm. Let’s delve into the details of each paper:


This particular paper will comprise a total of eighty multiple-choice questions, and candidates are required to answer them within a one-hour time frame. The maximum score for this section is 40 marks.


Paper 2, on the other hand, will present candidates with five essay topics, each accompanied by a passage. The purpose of this paper is to assess the candidates’ comprehension and summary skills.

Candidates must select one topic and compose an essay accordingly, as well as answer all the questions related to the provided comprehension and summary passages. Paper 2 will span a duration of 2 hours and will be allotted 100 marks.


The third paper, Paper 3, will feature sixty multiple-choice items focusing on the Test of Orals for candidates from Nigeria and Liberia, while candidates from Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone will be evaluated on their Listening Comprehension. All the questions in this section must be answered within 45 minutes, with a total of 30 marks allocated.

It’s essential for candidates to be well-prepared and familiarize themselves with the structure and requirements of each paper to perform effectively in the WAEC English 2023 examination.

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